Shay Mitchell

Bali - Mexi Dream

We absolutely love Shay Mitchell, but we love her even more IN Siempre Golden! She's one of the most boho-chic goddesses that we look up to! Check out her Instagram post wearing our Coachella top here! She's in the land of where we hand-craft our entire collection, the beautiful location of Bali. 

The outfit she wore in Bali has been going viral. You can see Shay's blog post of her wearing the top at her blog Amore And Vita!
Buzzfeed wrote an article about how she is literally is a goddess while traveling in Bali, where Shay is shown once again wearing our coachella top! Can't agree with you more Buzzfeed! Read the article here! She posted a YouTube Video of her wearing the outfit (2:54), Here is the link.

Twist Magazine posted about her outfits at this link!
And Here!

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Shay being goofy. x

Shay being goofy. x