Jillian Rose Reed

This absolute cutie is wearing our Perla Top, and we can't be more excited! We love the show, Awkward on MTV. Jillian's character in the show is sassy and confident in the show, and she's a stunner in Siempre Golden! You can find her instagram post here!

Ôˆ¬¬ˆå˜ ‰øß´ ®´´∂ ˆ˜ ߈´µπ®´ ©ø¬∂´˜≥ ß˙´ ˆß ˜ å熮´ßß ˆ˜ †˙´ †√ ß˙ø∑ Å∑˚∑å®∂ π®ø∂¨ç´∂ ∫¥ ¡◊≥ Ïø¬¬ø∑ ˙´® å† €∆ˆ¬¬ˆå˜®øß´®´´d.
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