October Ambassador : Mona Cristo

Mona Crista is one of our brand ambassadors based in Florida, and she is absolutely the cutest. We had a quick little interview with her:

Which School do you go to? What is your major?
MC: "FSU, Florida State University. I'm majoring in marketing and finance."

What is your favorite beach? 
MC: "Destin"

What is your travel destination?
MC: "I would love to visit the Bahamas."

What is your favorite Siempre Golden suit from the 2016 collection?
MC: "They're all beautiful, but the Big Sur is definitely my favorite."

What are the three necessities you must take with you to the beach?
MC: "1. Bikini (Siempre Golden) 2. sunscreen 3. Killer Shades


Check Mona out on her Insta! She is wearing the white Perla in both photos. x
She also wrote a blog about Siempre Golden

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